UPDATE: New Associate Minister, Rev. Irvin Cushenberry!

The First Street Missionary Baptist Church was organized in March, 1900 at First and Railroad, with 8 members: Sister Dawson, Sister Jennie Morehead, Willie Ann Brewer, Elizabeth Cooper, Annie Rogers, Julia Ann Bowers, Susie Majors, and Nannie Peppers. Reverend Metcalfe was the organizer.

In November 1900, the first revival was held. Eight accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Baptismal service was held at Little River. Deacons serving under Rev. Metcalfe were Brother Bob Thomas, John Caldwell, Jim Dawson, Tandy Cunningham, Alex Morehead, Alex Tandy and Lewis Tandy.


In the spring of 1901, the church moved to First and Vine Streets. Worship services were being held in houses. The church purchased a plot of ground at First and Quarry Streets and erected the church in 1916. Later that same year, Rev. Metcalfe left the church. Reverend Mose Mosley served as acting pastor. Near the close of 1918, a call was extended to Reverend P.K. Harvey. Deacons serving under Rev. Harvey, in addition to those who served under Rev. Metcalfe, were Herbert Nance, John Muriel, Jim Clark, Ed Buckner, Birl Caudle, Frank Irvin, and Arthur Terry.


Seemingly things were going well under the new pastor, ad then many difficulties began to arise, but the Lord led them through this difficult time. At this point, Rev. Harvey left the church due to several misunderstandings. The church split. Some left with the former pastor and started a church on Howell Street, Cedar Grove Baptist Church. Again, Rev. Mosley was acting pastor.


In 1925, a call was extended to Reverend T.M. Pettus. Rev. Pettus accepted the call. Only 20 members were left when Rev. Pettus began pastoring. The sanctuary was only a one room structure. The church remodeled with extra rooms and a basement. Additional deacons and trustees serving under Rev. Pettus, not serving under the previous two pastors, were Mack Bradley, Mance Buckner, Frank Brown, Virgil Torian, Sr., Raymond Ware, Harvey Turnley, Oscar Brame, Clarence Wilson, Calvin Brewer, Owen Flack, Charlie Smith, Forrest Brame, Jesse Caudle, Sr., Walter Fortson, and Birl Grimes. The Lord called Rev. Pettus home after pastoring this church for 34 years.


In the late summer of 1959, a call was extended to the Reverend B. Franklin Green. Many souls were saved, and many came back and rededicated their lives. In the spring of 1960, ground was purchased on the corner of First and Mechanic Streets, across the street from the church, and the parsonage was erected. Mortgage burning was held in 1964. Also, property in the rear was purchased for parking.


August 6, 1966, the property at Quarry and Moayon streets were purchased. On April 30, 1967, groundbreaking was held for our new church building. Cornerstone laying was held November 26, 1967. Our special guests for the afternoon service were Reverend H.H. Belle and the Little Flock Baptist Church, Nebo, Ky. February 18, 1968, dedicatory service was held at our present sanctuary. Dr. A.R. Lasley and the Virginia Street Baptist Church were our special guests.


Construction of our Annex began March, 1974. Dedicatory service was held August 30, 1975. Other property was purchased under Rev. Green's Pastorage. Additional deacons and trustees serving under Rev. Green were James Quarles, Richard Killebrew, Sylvester Currie, Willie Elmo Bell, Dan Gore, Fred Sanders, James Young, John Kimbrough, Paul Waddell, Austin Clardy, Sr., Frank Lander, Baker Richardson, Horace Brasher, George Sampson, Posey Poindexter, Wilford Watson, James Williams, Haywood Nicholson, William Tynes, Robert Rogers, John Banks, Jr., Wilson Bullock, Charles Jago, Sr., Samuel Taylor, Sr. Those that acknowledge their call to the ministry under Rev. Green are Larry Sampson, James DeLoatche, Raymond Hurt, Sr., John Pettus, Pretice Bush, and George Kendrick. The Lord called Rev. Green from labor to reward after pastoring here for 24 years.


August, 1984, a call was extended to Reverend C.E. Timberlake. Many improvements have been made, additional property purchased, 815, 818, 810 Moayon Street ad 907 East First Street, that is used for parking. During our morning worship service on August 7, 1988, mortgage burning was held for our present church. Additional deacons and trustees serving under Rev. Timberlake include Ronald Parham, Charles Winston, John Maxie, Ronald Gager, Charles Jago, Jr., Charles J.P. Hopson, Willoyd Wharton, Jr., Anderson Hightower, Eddie Howard, Thomas Grant, Wilson Bullock, Robert Rogers, Samuel Taylor, Sr., and Irvin Cushenberry, Sr. Two others who are now deceased are Collins Humphries and Jospeh Poindexter.


On May 7, 2000, a scholarship was established in honor of Rev. T.M. Pettus. July 23, 2000 the B. Franklin Green scholarship was established. The Annie Jones Ogburn scholarship was also established. The Sisterhood has established another scholarship in honor of Sister Virgil Timberlake, who served here faithfully for 25 years alongside her husband. The first recipient of this scholarship was Sister Yvette Kendrick.


Ministers that acknowledge their call to the ministry under Rev. Timberlake are Rev. John Banks, Jr., Pastor of Foston Chapel Baptist Church; Rev. Eric Taylor, Pastor of Emanuel Faith, Evans GA; Rev. Jerry Jones; Rev. Timothy McWilliams; Rev. Charles Berry; Rev. Perry Greenwade, Pastor of Little River Baptist Church, Cadiz, KY; and Rev. Roger Ray, Pastor of Mt. Olla Baptist Church, Smith Grove, KY.


Our present associate ministers are Rev. C.L. Brown, Rev. Raymond Hurt, Sr., Rev. Robert Toliver and Rev. Timothy McWilliams. During the existence of First Street Missionary Baptist Chruch, there have only been 5 pastors.


We give praises today to our Heavenly Father for all of His bountiful blessings. We are blessed to still be under the Pastoral care of Rev. C.E. Timberlake, who celebrated his 26th Pastoral anniversary here at First Street on December 5, 2010. The Lord is yet watching over First Street Missionary Baptist Church.