Ministries & Church Programs

First Street Missionary Baptist Church Ministries, Departments, and Committee Heads:

Good Samaritans:  LUKE 10:30-37 Regina Parham
The Good Samaritans consist of volunteers from the church membership responsible for visiting all sick members of the church both long term and short term illnesses.

Nurse's Ministry:   Essie Gee

Greeters Ministry:  Terrie Gager

Parking Ministry:  Sherril Jordan

Director of Christian Education:  Mary V. Poole (Assistant Director:  Jimmie L. Darden)
The responsibility of the Director is to inform, enable, and coordinate the church educational activities.  To direct and supervise as stated in the duties of the Educational Committee.

Committee of Christian Education:
Under the supervision of Pastor and Director promotes the entire educational interest of the church.  It seeks to initiate or implement a teaching program in all departments and auxiliaries.  It encourages efficiency in the total program of the church and seeks to assist all in realizing their aims.

Youth Director and Advisors:  Hope King
Responsible for planning and coordinating programs, classes, recreational activities for ages 5 - 18, and to accompany the youth on trips to other churches and to section, district, and state meetings.

Bus Ministry:  Eddie Howard
Responsible for providing transportation for members to and from church, to other chuches, district, state, and other meetings as directed by the Pastor.

Funeral Serving Committees:  Essie Gee
Resonsible for serving food to families who have had a death in their family.  The food will be served in the church dining room only, upon request of the family of the deceased.

Messenger Eligibility
For any youth or adults to be eligible as messengers in the district, state, or national meetings, he or she must be in regular attendance in worship services.

Church Beautification Committee:  Hope King/ Billy Wimberly
Responsible for beautifying the church building.

Bulletin Board Committee:  Jimmie L. Darden, Gwendolyn Parker, Michael Hollowell
Responsible for decorating, placing announcements, and current events on the bulletin board.

Educational Enhancement Committee:  Regina Parham
Purpose of this committee is to inform parents / students of educational opportunities, workshops on financial aid, ACT / SAT.  We can also collect brochures and catalogues to make them available.

Eighty and Above Club:  The Holy Spirit
Those persons, who are eighty and above, will receive special recognition on their birthday during morning worship, and will also receive a gift from the church.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary and Above:  God
Married couples who have been married for fifty years or more will be recognized and receive a gift from the church. 

Mothers: Sis. Timberlake

Ushers: Dwight McGee

Brotherhood:  Charles Jago, Jr

Sisterhood:  Vanessa Lyons

Pastor's Aide:  Flossie Brim

Youth:  Devin Redd

Youth Director:  Hope King  (Assistant Youth Director Lashaunda Redd)

Senior Youth Advisor:  Jimmie L Darden  (Advisors include Ronald Gager and Heather Cooper)

Choir Director:  Shiangela McKnight (Sanctuary Choir: Sherry Webb)

Junior Choir:  Talyn Johnson (Sanctuary Choir Musician:  Phyllis Scott)

Kitchen Supervisors:  Flossie Brim / Vanessa Lyons

Custodian:  Willie Thomas